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Every Non-Word at Near Field Communication Digital Art Biennale (Show) A travelling outdoor new media exhibition: Gol(NO), Warsaw, Wroclaw(PL), Amsterdam(NL), Valencia(ES)
Internet Directory and esoteric.codes at ZKM (Show) Part of the Open Codes show, up through January in Karlsruhe
SIGGRAPH 2018 (Talk) I'll be presenting my FatFinger and Entropy projects at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver
free art _-_ src (Show) Light Pattern: Null Program screening at Gallery Filodrammatica in Zagreb
Dither Studies at Thoma Foundation (Show) The Thoma Foundation's Art House in Santa Fe is hosting a Dither Studies installation as part of the TRANSFER Download
Signal Culture residency (Residency) Writing and research on language and code for esoteric.codes
Talk at ZKM for Gulaschprogrammiernacht (Talk) Esoteric.Codes output: Language Without Code
07 May 2018
Talk at Parsons Paris (Talk)
Esoteric.codes in Mumbai (Show) As part of the Open Codes show presented by ZKM at Goethe Institut, Mumbai, India
Piece on Glitchometry in XRDS (Writing) XRDS: Crossroads Magazine, published by ACM
NetVVorth.com screening at TRANSFER (Show) The final event at TRANSFER's Brooklyn space, includes netvvorth.com
08 Mar 2018 - 11 Mar 2018
Internet Directory at NADA (Fair) Internet Directory will be at Rhizome's booth
TRANSFER Download at Chronus Art Center Shanghai (Project) Work from my Stripe Modulator, shown in immersive video
esoteric.codes redesign launched (Project) A new design and tons of new content
Demo Day (Show/Performance) I'll be performing an Internet Directory reading at Kunstraum in Brooklyn
In Search of Lost Time (Show) Opening Fri night at ICP School; love being associated with my favorite translation of Proust :)
esoteric.codes at NEW INC (Project) For the next year, I'll be developing esoteric.codes at NEW INC, the New Museum's cultural incubator
Unusable for Programming (Paper) A paper on my favorite kind of language, to present at xCoAx Conference in Lisboa, Portugal
Reading of Internet Directory (Performance) xCoAx Conference in Lisboa, Portugal
Singing Code (Post) Some links to Sophie Brueckner's work; more esoteric.codes content to come soon
TRANSFER Download (Show) A version of my Stripe Modulator as three-channel video at Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel
Panel at Center for Book Arts (Talk) For the En Mass: Books Orchestrated show
Pioneer Works TEK Lab (Performance) A big reunion of TEK lab residents at PW. I'll be doing a special variation of an Internet Directory reading for the first time
Creative Tech Week (Performance) Reading Internet Directory alongside many cool artist projects at Knockdown Center, Queens
Pioneer Works Gala (Show) A work from my Glitchometry series will be auctioned on Paddle8, to benefit Pioneer Works
Resonate conference (Talk) I'll be presenting on programming languages as an art medium, both a theory-based talk and a hands-on workshop
Rationing the Machine: Creative Symbols and Logical Systems (Show) Curated by Erik Zepka, at NJIT, College of Architecture & Design, 367 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Newark, NJ 07102
New changes for Dither Studies online tool (Web) Added serpentine scanning, a feature that brings it more into line with the dithering we see in Photoshop, plus some bug fixes
Programming Languages as an Art Medium (Workshop) A look at the strangest of programming languages and a hands-on workshop to design new ones
Future Isms (Show) Some Straightened Trees included in this show at Glass Box, Seattle
NamesCon (Project) I'll be performing endurance readings from Internet Directory at this year's Names Con in Las Vegas
Exercises in Programming Style (Post) I'm updating esoteric.codes again! Beginning with this piece about the book by Christina Lopes
Endless Meander (Project) Released my New Year's project; a tribute to Anni Albers
Future Isms (Show) "The future is murky, it's unsettling, and our attempts to represent it, continue to shift shape and get closer to expiration."
Second Sundays at Pioneer Works (Reception) Launching a new web-based project at Pioneer Works
Artist Talks: Test Patterns (Talk) Artist talk about my Straightened Trees and Off by One projects, alongside artists such as Claudia Hart and Sam Levigne
Second Sundays at Pioneer Works (Reception) Stop by to see my new work as artist in residence at Pioneer Works
New York Yami-Ichi 2 (Fair) An Internet Black-Market at Knockdown Center, Queens
Radical Networks (Performance) Reading from Internet Directory at the Radical Networks conference, Chemistry Creative, 315 Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn
Current Museum: Test Patterns and TRANSFER Download (Show) The Current Museum has my work in two pop-up shows running side-by-side, opening November 4th at 60 Sullivan Street, NYC
Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art (Show) Ways of Something screening at the Whitney
Photoville (Show) Work from Straightened Trees series. See larger prints as well at ICP's eduction gallery
Independent Art Book Fair (Fair) I'll have a table with a ton of stuff; many Internet Directory pages and two new zines
New York Art Book Fair (Fair) Secret new chapbook releasing at the ICP table. Stop by the Independent fair in Greenpoint after!
9/16/2016 7pm
Opening for Future Perfect (Opening) First prints from the Straightened Trees series. Show open through mid-October at ICP's education gallery 43rd + 6th
Stripe Modulator (Project) Released new version of Stripe Modulator for immersiver experience
Internet Directory reading for Internodal series (Performance) Lots of great speakers on text + code. Email me for invite!
Five Challenges to Curating Your Own Online Exhibition (Post) Some notes from my presentation, to help get your show set up online
AFC Workshop: How to Make an Online Exhibition (Workshop) Leading this workshop at the Art F City offices in Brooklyn
CAT HEROICUS SUBLIMIS (Show) Tina Sauerländer's NewHive show includes my Unprintable work
MVR 5 (Panel) Discussion on the body and technology at Pioneer Works
To Write Better Code, Read Virginia Woolf (Image) I did an illustration for the NYTimes -- 5 Internet Points for whoever can identify the language!
(A) RE:uɹnʇ TO: d1Ɍ+y̶ ̶N̶3WWW _M3DI∆ #Chicago (Show) Glitch / Dirty New Media show at TCC, Chicago
Zine Exchange at Pioneer Works (Fair) Including New Languages, Yeep!, and Internet Directory
Another Internet Directory reading! (Performance) Stop by the Creative Tech Week Arts hub between 6 and 7:30 to hear a continuous reading of domain names from the Internet Directory project
Art Slant: Wednesday Web Artist (Interview) Interview by Christian Petersen about my Glitchometry work at NADA art fair
Daniel Temkin Likes Curvy Trees (Interview) Interview by Gary Shapiro
Live reading from Internet Directory at A.C. Institute (Performance) Live reading of domain names in alphabetical order from my book Internet Directory
Creative Apps Community Panel (Panel) Special Creative Tech Week meeting of Creative Apps Community @ Adobe -- we'll be talking about coding + art
Your Blog Won a Grant: Now What? (Interview) Interview with me and other ArtsWriters.org grant winners
My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days (Show) Online exhibition exploring "various aesthetics of chaos emerging from the discordance between the disarray of human experience and the precision of digital logic"
Designing Impractical and Esoteric Programming Languages (Talk) A hands-on workshop building languages as art
Hacking Language: Bots, IF, and Esolangs (Talk) I'll be presenting on esolangs at SXSWi with Allison Parrish, Emily Post, and Nick Montfort
Algorithmic Theatre (Post) Interview with "Yesterday Today" creator Annie Dorsen
Oou: The Insane Language (Post) Sonja Lang's experiment with a vowel-only spoken language
Straightened Trees (Project) Photographs of trees, straightened - first complete images from a project begun in 2013
Esolang poster sessions at CAA (Talk) I presented at CAA, talking about esolangs, with research from esoteric.codes
The Restrained Voice of Code (Post) Connotation, gesture, and affect in code designed to be neutral
Remix Party! (Show) I made a gif for Antonio Robert's Remix Party! event at Birmingham Open Media
Stimulation Overload (Show) Light Pattern : Three Lamp Events screened in the opening show of SUPERCHIEF Soho

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