Dither Studies how-to

by Daniel Temkin 3. March 2012 13:15  


Phil Stearns has been doing some amazing animated remixes of my Dither Studies as well as building his own Dithers, using techniques built on mine, but exploring other dithering algorithms, and sometimes with many iterations to create animations. Here he posts an explanation of how to create them using GIMP (for you non-Photoshop users). He mentions Cory Arcangel's Photoshop Gradients as an influence for my series -- other important references include Sol LeWitt (both in terms of theory, optical effects and sometimes his color palette, most clearly in my Dither Study #3). Phil's Dither work is connected to the glitch aesthetic (more so than mine), as part of his Year of the Glitch tumblr.

For those who haven't checked it out, Year of The Glitch is an ambitious project to post new glitch images each day. Phil covers a large field of approaches to glitch, both hardware and software, and manages to consistently come up with compelling images.