Getting started with Yeep!Eep!Eep!Program

by Daniel Temkin 23. May 2010 12:24  

Yeep!Eep!Eep!Program (or YEEP) is my new glitch art app for the C64.

YEEP draws data to the screen, using whatever happens to be sitting in RAM at the moment, interpreted through character sets controlled by the user.

Since YEEP switches video banks when it starts up, it will function differently depending on what is sitting in memory. Using it right after a large program was loaded can create a different set of graphics. It will also look different depending on what was written to the screen when the program began. One way to alter the look of the final image is to draw characters to the screen manually before launching the program.

Once you've launched YEEP, here are the controls:


">" (or right arrow key) : cycle to next character set
"<" (or left arrow key) : cycle to previous character set

"c" : change background color (cycles through each of the 16 options)
"x" : add random characters

Changing Color

When YEEP first opens, it is in multi-color mode. The first time the "+" key is used, it takes it out of multi-color mode, into black & white.

WARNING: These color controlsare significantly slower than the others. They poke each of the control registers individually to recolor each character across the screen.

"+" : Add color. The first time this is used, it sets it to black and white. On each successive click, it adds an additional color, distributed randomly across the characters
"-" : Subtract color. Removes one color.
"b" : Reset. Clears color changes and goes back to multi-color mode.