Daniel Temkin
Dither Studies animation at Thoma Art House, Santa Fe, as part of the Transfer Download series

Dither Studies

Dithering allows an image to be represented by a smaller number of colors. Each pixel is rounded to the closest color from the given palette, and the error is rounded to the surrounding pixels. Ordinarily, this process is invisible. Dither Studies makes it as visible as possible by dithering images with no content: either solid colors or simple gradients. A color palette of complementary colors is used so they never visually recombine. Although the dithering algorithms are simple to understand and rooted in a simple logical process, the resulting patterns feel complex and irrational.

They are a selection of the Rhizome ArtBase at the New Museum. They were reviewed in the Brooklyn Rail and featured on Art F City, Triangulation Blog and on Fast Company's Co.Design Blog

Dither Studies: Web App


Interactive tool to generate Dither Studies using the most common dithering algorithms.

Dither Studies: Original Prints

(2011, 2012)

A collaboration with Photoshop. I give the program an impossible task: to draw a solid color or gradient with a palette of incompatible colors, thus exposing the dithering algorithm's complex, seemingly irrational patterns.

Dither Studies: Flip Flops

(2013 - )

Dither Studies printed across flip flops were exhibited at Higher Pictures, Mana Contemporary, and Esther Klein Gallery.

Dither Studies: Credit Card


Dither Studies for Anthony Antonellis's credit card curation project.