Daniel Temkin

every non-word

(2015, 2017)

Every Non-Word is a twitterbot that attempts to exhaust all possibilities of non-existent English words. It's been running since March 2015 and was a featured project for the 2017 edition of The Wrong, at which point it had tweeted 36,000 non-words.

Each non-word is a randomized collection of syllables, first collected by running a hyphenation script against the entire English dictionary. When syllables are pulled, they are weighted by how often they appear in English. Each resulting word is checked against a dictionary to rule out accidental real words. Freed from denotative meaning, the resulting words are clouds of semantic possibilities and associations.

Every Non-Word was named for Allison Parrish's Everyword, the Twitter bot that listed every English word in alphabetical order, completing in 2014. While Allison Parrish's bot had a limited run by design, @nondenotative's corpus is nearly endless.

non-word zine

A series of 100 zines produced with the Every Non-Word algorithm, each with a unique set of words. Available from Aleator Press.