An ongoing research project about experiments in language and code, including code art, esolangs, and other projects where one must read the text of code to fully understand the work. Supported by Creative Capital and the Warhol Foundation and currently on display at ZKM, Karlsruhe.
Dither Studies
An exploration of the dithering algorithm, presented as interactive web app, prints, hand-rendered works, and printed across flip flops and credit cards
Internet Directory
A dictionary of every .COM domain in alphabetical order, online and in printed form. Currently on display at ZKM, Karlsruhe.
Endless Meander
A tribute to Anni Albers, using a space-filling algorithm to extend her Meander patterns into a never-ending scroll
Stripe Modulator
Off by One
Simple geometric shapes whose pixels are offset through misuse of Photoshop
Glitchometry Stripes
B&W stripes corrupted with stolen algorithms
Straightened Trees
New Languages
Collection of programming languages written with music, with photographs, or that are only written by accident
every non-word
Combinations of English syllables that don't appear in the dictionary
New Alphabets
Fontworks and Unicode Experiments
Stroke Font
A font built from the 52 strokes making up the 26 upper-case and 26 lower-case letters in the English language.
An Alphabet of the Most Attractive Letters
A font created with the 52 most beautiful characters, based on 100k+ votes
Light Pattern
A programming language that uses photos as source code
Unicode Compressure
Text is simultaneously shrunk and magnified, rolling the resolution down from 1200px to a single (giant) pixel over time.
Experiments in sonfication: each image begins as a simple geometric shape, and develops complexity through the application of sound effects to the visual material. As I work, I can't see how the sound affects the image, but work through practice and instinct to shape the piece. Glitchometry are a selection of the Rhizome ArtBase, and have been covered by Fast Company, ArtNews, and others.
Borges: The Complete Works
All of Borges's words, slightly out of order   Collaboration with Rony Maltz
Drunk Eliza
Eliza written in Entropy, a language in which data and logic decay
A programming language where data and logic decay, confounding the compulsive rigor of programming
An image generator for the Commodore 64
A programming language written with music
Online marketplace of counterfeit netarts
Chromatic Infestation
A program which visualizes its own source code, while injecting new code into itself to change the visual representation
Retired CRTs
The International Center of Photographic's New Intellectual Property Rights Agreement
Branford Clone Stamp
The Alphabet in Alphabetical Order
A compulsively sorted, assimilationist alphabet
A Unicode hot-or-not. See what aesthetic criteria develop as you explore the Basic Multilingual Plane
My desktop refracted through itself
Mutator 1
An aging generation in a Central European, post-Communist city